So you will find below a list of websites/people I contacted about Star Corsairs. Mails sent contained links to screenshots, trailer, media kit, press release, etc.

I’m sure my list is far from complete but that’s the list I got so far. I basically went through websites that mentioned Golemizer before, websites that covered other indie MMOs like Realm of the Mad God and Love and just any websites I have in my RSS reader.

Excluded from this list are websites that talked about Star Corsairs without me needing to tell them about it. I’m also waiting an answer from, and after trying to get Star Corsairs approved on I’ve been told that browser-based games were not supported… is also excluded as they specify they don’t review MMOs.

Some have answered, some haven’t, some will post about it, some have posted about it and others posted links to the interviews I participated to (Psychochild, TruePCGaming).

I’m already sending 2nd mails to those who haven’t answered or did not post about Star Corsairs pointing to the interviews and other reviews of the game in the hope that this time I’ll catch their attention.

So any suggestions to add to this list?

  • 1up
  • alltern8
  • arstechnica
  • bnbgaming
  • destructoid
  • diygamer
  • dontfearthemutant
  • dotmmo
  • freemmogamer
  • game2p
  • gamebanshee
  • gamepress
  • gamepro
  • gamershell
  • gamerswithjob
  • GamerTell
  • gamezone
  • gamingclimax
  • gamingdaily
  • geekpreview
  • ign
  • indiegames
  • indiepub
  • kotaku
  • Massively
  • mmocrunch
  • mmohut
  • next-gen
  • onrpg
  • rampantgames
  • Rock Paper Shotgun
  • spacesector
  • strategyinformer
  • syncaine
  • tenkillrats
  • tigsource (forums)
  • thatvideogameblog
  • thumbgods
  • tobold
  • truepcgaming
  • whatmmorpg
  • wired
  • zam