It seems that some people misread a bit what I was saying in part 1. Let’s say it’s my fault and failed to properly express myself so here are some clarifications.

Going back to a day job is a matter of bank account

Not because I think the situation is hopeless. Yes I took the decision 2 weeks after release but believe me I really couldn’t wait much more. Some seem to suggest I should waited a bit longer. Longer for what? For my bank account to reach $0?

I shared a lot of numbers on this blog and the only thing I won’t share is my bank account balance. You’ll have to take my words for it. I already said that the money made considering the number of accounts created was great. If twice as much people who have learned about the game at launch then maybe the sales would have been higher and maybe I would have been able to remain without a day job for another month.

Why insist on remaining without a day job? Simply because it’s way easier to work on such project when you can do it full-time. The longer I could do it the better. I’ve been able to release the game that way so it’s a huge part.

Here’s the trick. I can still wait (and work on the game to improve it) while having a day job. Sure it won’t be at the same speed as before but that’s why I don’t quite understand some people telling me that I jumped to conclusions too fast. Again maybe my first post wasn’t totally clear.

I’m not shutting down anything

I know I didn’t write that I was shutting the game but from some of the replies I’m not sure what some have understood. Again I’d like to point to Golemizer ( who is still online since 2008. I even was able to keep it online while I had no day job. Sure maybe shutting down Golemizer would have allowed me to keep working full-time on Star Corsairs for another month without fearing a call from the bank but as it is right now I prefer to keep Golemizer online even if it’s not huge.

Maybe in 8 months I’ll post that I’m going back full-time indie

Why? Because again I’m not giving up, I’m not shutting down anything and I don’t think the situation is hopeless. Me getting a day job again was in fact inevitable at some point. Not a lot of game devs go from $0 a day to a full salary and I surely wasn’t expecting to be one of them.

Sure I wish the initial results would have been better because I enjoy a lot doing this stuff full-time. Doing it a bit longer would have been nice. Sure I don’t feel great that not much websites mentioned Star Corsairs but even if they would have I would still need time to keep building the audience and at one point I would have needed to find a day job. Maybe not in November but December or maybe January, February, etc. I’m just starting a bit lower than I was hoping to start so the need to find a day job has come to November. That’s all.

I hope it clears a bit the situation. Or maybe it doesn’t. Anyway I felt like I needed to say those things.