The new tutorial allowing you to try Star Corsairs without creating an account is now live!

Having some form of guest gameplay wasn’t quite easy to add but might be required for the time Star Corsairs will be released on Flash portals. It’s not much an issue for portals like Kongregate who have their own built-in account system but for other portals players are probably not used of having to first create an account before seeing anything.

This tutorial is brief but get you to fly a spaceship and destroy some stuff before having to worry about yet another password. It’s surely not a “learn everything about the game” tutorial but it’s not the point either. Now that I have some tutorial mechanic I might consider integrating it inside the post account creation game to cover a bit more.

The next step to release on Flash portals is to work on a new loader for the game. This new loader will be a tiny SWF file loading the latest version of the game on the server. That way I won’t have to worry to update the game file on every portal when I update the game. It should be simple enough to do. The tricky part will be to think about how I will handle the different versions for portals with their own microtransactions system like Kongregate. I’ll probably just keep a single file and use a flag to switch which system I want to use so that way I don’t have the update multiple files when I update the game.

The game won’t appear on portals until the graphic overhaul is completed. This might take some time but if I get a second shot at releasing the game I don’t mind to wait a bit.