It seems that every week a new indie game bundle appears. With each new bundle we hear one more time that this bundle madness should stop. Why do these people care? I have no idea. Probably jealousy I guess. I’m jealous myself as it seems I can’t get in any bundle but I don’t understand why you’d like to see bundles disappear.

It tells people that indie game = cheap

Welcome in 2011! How was your life in your cave? Here’s a funny story … all the indie games I released were free! You know like those oh so terrible yet almost everyone is doing it F2P MMOs? … If you’re scared that people will think that indie=cheap then you’re doing it wrong. Anyway these days a lot of games=cheap. Just look at all those sales on Steam …

Why would indie devs part of bundles care about what you think might happen to the “indie label”? Like the “indie label” meant anything at all. It surely doesn’t help you to lower expectations or get any more love. We all fight for just 2 minutes of attention and those 2 minutes are hard to get so I surely won’t blame anyone trying to find a way to get them. If you are worried that what others do will affect your business it might be time to adapt. MMOs don’t become F2P just for the fun of it, DLCs are not released just because fans want more from games. These things have now become a reality because the market is adjusting.

Some don’t need to use tricks to make a living. Good for them. For the others let’s try to not spit on them just because they are trying their own way to get on the map.

If you have to rely on bundles to sell your games it’s because your games suck

Oh that one never gets old! Indie release a game, indie complains for whatever reason, indie is told “just do better games”!

Let’s take a look at SWtOR. For how many months (well years actually) have we heard about SWtOR before anyone could even play a restricted press only version? Does it mean that some people are able to see the future and tell if a game will suck or not?!?! Or is it just something about money you can spend on marketing?…

Creating a game is just one of the many steps you have to go through to have people play such game. If you think it’s as simple as “making a good game” it’s probably because you never tried to build games yourself. If we’d go by this logic we probably would have to admit that McDonald is the best restaurant ever as it’s so popular … It’s not as simple as linking popularity  to quality … Sometimes it is the case but not always.

Few talk about indie games so if releasing a bundle is a way to have people to talk about then you should do it

What are a websites busy talking about? Well here’s a few examples from a single website:

Covering the same indie dev every single week is not what I call covering indie games.  At that point it’s not news anymore and you can claim all day long that your website is just a blog it’s not for me when you are paid to write on it. That’s just a paparazzi job. Heck why not post stories about game TV spots while you’re at it! It’s so much the kind of information we need … You know that excuse we get from bloggers that they are flooded with emails and that they can’t cover everything when they don’t speak a word about your newly released game? Well they have plenty of time. They just decide to spend it on useless crap just to feed gossips and false debates.

Here’s the latest bundle I heard about. Yeah right that’s just a guy trying to get some games to build a bundle. There’s no release date, no game listing, nothing. He’s just scanning which devs might be interested to participate. Guess who covered this “news” that was only a Twitter post? Yep jumped on the news right away! They must have some Google alert setup to warn them anytime the word “bundle” pops somewhere. The irony here is that the guy who wants to create this bundle is doing so because it’s so damn hard to get any attention any other way … just help this guy make his point …

If you think I’m making a mistake making fun of they never posted anything I sent them in 4 years so it’s not like I have much to lose here.

We need more bundles!

If it helps some indie devs to be known then great! Not just the bundles that will sell already relatively well-known games. Like I said I’ve been trying to get into bundles but I have yet to see any results. Yes it might be unconventional to see a F2P MMO in a bundle but I’m still selling stuff I can give away for cheap in a bundle.

At some point in the future I might even consider to create my own bundle if it’s a way for me to have people post about my games. I invite anyone who might be tempted to tell me I shouldn’t try it to go build their own MMO, release it and try to get it posted on websites. Then you can send me a mail and tell me you’d like to part of my bundle …