After a really bad MySQL crash most of my stuff (including this blog) went down for several days. Everything crashed just before I had to leave town so this is why everything has been down for so long.

The good news

Everything is back online. The data of Star Corsairs is back to what it was when I published version 2.0 of the game so just moments before everything crashed. It means that if you played after this update that your progress is lost but like I said the server crashed right after so you shouldn’t have lost much. If you experience any difficulties contact me to and I’ll do my best to help you.

While the website of Golemizer was down the game is actually hosted on a different server meaning that no data was affected by this crash.

The wikis of Star Corsairs and Golemizer are back online and no data should have been lost.

The bad news

I completely lost all the data of Star Corsairs forums. I’m slowly rebuilding the forums but past posts are lost. It turns out that the backups I had of the forums were completely corrupted.

The same applies to the forums of Golemizer though in this case I’ve been able to get back to an older backup from this summer. Of course anything since then has been lost but I’ve still been able to get back a lot of it.

What happened?

The ibdata1 file of MySQL probably got corrupted as it was impossible to restore any database until I dropped this file. My host had problems with my sever a day before the MySQL crash so I suspect that something bad happened at that time. What? I guess I’ll never know.

What I get from this unpleasant experience is that I don’t trust VPS anymore. I constantly had some kind of troubles on this server while the server hosting Golemizer (a dedicated machine) has been stable for what it seems an eternity now. Of course a VPS is cheaper … Anyway I might be looking for an alternative soon. Until then I will make sure that all my backups are usable in case something bad happens again … Let’s hope I won’t have to use them though…