I don’t mean to piss on Double Fine’s parade but their incredible experience on Kickstarter in the last 24 hours doesn’t mean a whole lot to most of us. For most of us tomorrow will be the same.

Is you name on Wikipedia? Did you released a critically acclaimed game? Did you tape a video with Cookie Monster? Did Markus Persson offered you to fund a sequel to your critically acclaimed game? I think I can guess your answer.

While it’s nice to see such community effort to bring to life a game we still don’t know anything about it’s just one of those thing we can’t learn anything about. Well if your goal is to get $300 to get a game done maybe it is but other than that it’s just one of those stories you see passing by. Tomorrow you will still be struggling to find money to get your game done just like me.

I was reading the new terms of Indie Fund and I couldn’t help but sigh. Again I don’t want to diminish in any way what the people behind Indie Fund are doing (it’s great guys don’t stop) but it’s still far from being something that could ever help me or anyone in my situation. See they don’t take submissions. They tell us to send our game to competitions, to game press and to attend conferences. For someone like me who can code the whole thing for free but is unable to make it look good in any way it just doesn’t work. Even when I’m trying to make it look retro or minimalist it still looks bad. All I need the money for is to pay for an artist. I’m not saying that I can make a game look basic. I’m saying that everything I try to do myself on that level look atrocious. Think I’ll ever receive any attention from a competition or the game press?… Yeah right. Conferences? Look I’ve been married for 3 years and I have yet to make any wedding trip because I don’t have the money. I live far away from any of these events so it looks like I’m screwed on that level unless I want to piss my wife good.

So my point? Forget about Double Fine raising 1 million dollars. It doesn’t mean a thing. It’s not a recipe. It’s just the story of the week. Tomorrow we’ll all be back to doing the best we can with the resources we have. That’s the only true way to do things.

You know what saddens me a bit? In that million dollars I see at least 50 great indie games… We really don’t all have to pay our salary for a whole year to create a new game you know…

On these words… The best of luck to Double Fine. Try to turn these last few hours into a real success story…

As for me today I spent $10 on my pre-order for Starfarer. Not that I don’t enjoy adventure games (they almost were the first games I ever played) but I believe they need more the money than Double Fine at the moment.