The graphics you can download below are free to use for any kind of projects (free or commercial). All I ask is that you don’t try to sell these but even if you would what could I do about it … So the best way to make sure everyone knows they are free is to spread the word!

I’m only releasing here the graphics I paid for so it means that all art created by players is NOT included in this pack. If you created art for Golemizer for free and wish to add your pieces to this pack just let me know.

It’s not a pack that will allow you to create a whole game as I used a lot of free graphics myself when I created Golemizer. If you wish to see the free game graphics I used to create Golemizer you can take a look at this post on my old blog.

Note that the following screenshot doesn’t include all the graphics in this pack.

Free Golemizer game graphics - Click for the whole pack

The most interesting bits are probably the bodies, faces, hairs, hats and suits. It provides you with a template easy to follow to produce new characters. Such templates already exits for JRPG style characters but if you want something different maybe this can help you.

Why release these for free? Well why not! Without free game graphics I wouldn’t have been able to release Golemizer so I’m just returning the favor to the indie games community. Anyone can already download them all quite easily anyway by taking a loot at the HTML code when playing Golemizer so I’m just basically saying that it’s okay if you use them for your own projects.

So here is it: Click here to download