Each time I make my case about Kickstarter I keep hearing the same thing: “But if people support the project from very well-known people they might discover and decide to support other smaller projects” …


The real trick to Kickstarter is first be widely known or be backed up by a big name and then it’s a success. Want to know why? Because we have one of the coolest project ever related to gaming here and I don’t see that “well people will support lesser known projects” phenomenon.

I’m talking about Storybricks here.

Know how we always complain about MMOs having quests involving killing 10 rats­? Heck there’s even a very well-known website named after this kind of crap! Yet the day a serious team brings the opportunity to make this whole thing way better I don’t see the same kind of excitement we have seen for a yet unknown game project.

Yes maybe the names involved here are not web celebrities. But is it really your main criteria to support a project? Have you checked the credentials of the people working on that? These guys have identified a problem, came up with a solution, have the experience to make it happen, have already a product in testing and are now showing it to you. It’s now time for you to make a statement.

We now have a tangible opportunity to change things. All MMOs players know how bleak NPCs can be in MMOs. We all have complained about it many times. Today we have a chance to tell the industry “we want more than that, we deserve more than that for our money”.

You know what … Prove me wrong about my previous statement. Show me that you don’t need to be a celebrity to gather money to create a groundbreaking product. Show me that your money is worth more than some stupid gimmick pretending to control your dreams

As a tiny MMO indie dev that’s the kind of progress I wanted to see in my time. That’s now a real opportunity we have.

Prove me that you’re done killing 10 rats. Prove me that MMOs players are expecting way more than that.