So I received that “Due to suspicious activity your account has been locked” email. Not the thing you appreciate to see when it’s time for you late night Diablo 3 session …
I haven’t read a single thing about Diablo 3 before it was released. I think I saw a trailer and that’s it. I just bought the thing telling myself “hey I had fun with Diablo 1 back in the days surely they can blow my mind with this one”. Well I’m far from being impressed. Not that it’s a bad game. It’s not. It just feels like I’ve seen that before and that not much changed.

Yeah I see what they did with the skills and all the small features that changed but to be honest everything that Diablo 3 could give me Torchlight already gave it to me. I didn’t play that kind of game for a long time and Torchlight was enough to remember me the fun I had when I was 16-17 with the first Diablo. I’m not quite sure what’s so exciting about Diablo 3 now. I can’t even say if the graphics are amazing since my new video card is so bad I have to use minimum settings anyway.

So basically once again I was fooled by a Blizzard game. It happened with StarCraft 2. Same pattern. I didn’t read anything about the game and just assumed that after so much time they would find a way to bring something new and amazing. Oh sure StarCraft 2 is neat. As neat as was StarCraft 1. That’s the problem in fact. It’s just the same game but released today.

I guess I’ve been naïve. I should have waited, read about it, watch some gameplay videos or something. I just thought that with so much money and time they would break some walls but it appears I was expecting too much of Blizzard.

And that online thing for the single-player campaign? Urg … Like I give a crap about playing this game with others or buying stuff from your store. It’s amazing they didn’t thought of an opt-out process. Character not on your server? Well just prevent this one from playing online. Again if I would have read about the game a bit before buying it I would have known. Stupid me. I just assumed I was buying an offline game.

Piracy? Oh please. Cry me a river. This poor attempt to prevent piracy still got accounts hacked. Great job guys … Mission accomplished! At least if you force me to login online just make sure someone can’t get into my account and strip my character of his stuff! Something’s not making any sense in the “I play alone but hey look someone can still steal my stuff for some reason!”.

Again it’s not an awful game. It’s just that I don’t see what’s supposed to be so great about it. I thought I was buying the biggest seller this summer. Not the same game I bought 16 years ago or the one I bought from an indie team recently. That’ll teach me to not do some research before buying a game.  Will I keep playing? Maybe if someone doesn’t lock my account again … I have a monk level 12-13 (can’t remember) which provide me some fun once or twice a week. Fun when I really have nothing else to do. I don’t really feel any urge to fire the game again to continue. It’s just there, waiting for me to have nothing to do until I just forget I have it installed on my hard drive … just like what happens with the many games I bought on sales on Steam. That’s what I should have done. Wait for a sale on Steam … oh wait …