Meaning I still haven’t created a game with it. Oh I didn’t reinvent the wheel though. What I could take from someplace else I took.  I built an engine that can create a top-view stealth games… or something else. I even have a more or less stable map editor so all that’s left to do now is to use all this code I created to build a game…

I’ve been telling me this for a bit too long now. I kinda have a concept but I haven’t been able to translate this idea to a proper complete and fun game. I built many versions of prototypes that all had some kind of potential but these prototypes never became something more. Sure with time my engine became more interesting and my prototypes have improved but…

Well to tell it straight I should be able to create a game with what I have right now. I’m wondering sometimes if I’m just avoiding to create a game since I feel so secure working on the code of the engine.

Writing code for a game is easy. Creating the game itself and feeling you have something nice is something else though. I’m guessing that just by polishing the tools I have right now and releasing them online someone somewhere could create a cool game. Not quite what I had in mind though. I’m able to create levels that last about 5 minutes. Nothing to release a game that people will pay $10 for (at least that’s not my feeling).

Maybe I’m just being impatient. Maybe I just need to sit longer playing with my level editor. The pieces are all there. I just need to find a way to make them fit together.

Or maybe I just picked the wrong type of game. I had no difficulty to figure out what was needed or how to do it. Maybe I didn’t put much thought on the “am I able to use this to make a game”. I’m sure I don’t need to improve the engine (well beside making it more stable). I just need to create THAT game. And here I am staring at the screen wondering what to do next.

That’s when I start getting wild ideas. With the code I have I could create a twin-stick shooter. A zombie killing game. A horror exploration game. A dungeon crawler … But I never worked on this project in this direction. I’m just panicking.

So what will I do next? Maybe I’ll just figure out the game I can make. Maybe I’ll team-up with someone who knows what could be done. All I know is that right now I’m not moving away from this blurry project. I don’t have anything else in store anyway. Like I said I know that I have everything I need to create a game right now. I just need to find the right spot to finally jump.