FTL is an odd game. Odd as I don’t usually enjoy such frustrating game but this one I can’t quit. Maybe it’s the theme. Maybe it’s the simplicity mixed with constant rewards. I’m now 60 hours in and I still have 2 ships (+ variants) to unlock so I’ll probably put another 10-15 hours before checking the mods.

So like I said FTL is incredibly frustrating at times. Here are a few tips that might prevent you from cursing at your computer like it did something bad to you …


You have no need to spend 1 scrap in the first sector (and often 2nd) unless you run into a nice weapon or badly need repairs. Most ships can get through the 1st and 2nd sector without upgrades. Keep your scraps in your pocket and wait until you see THAT nice upgrade in a store. You should only think upgrading your ship when hitting the 3rd sector (note that it might depend on which ship you’re playing, sometimes you just can’t avoid upgrading your ship before that).

You won’t make it far if you don’t have enough scrap so don’t hesitate to restart your game right away if you can’t get 100-120 before the end of sector 1. A lot is related to luck in FTL so just accept it and restart unless you have no particular objective in mind (when hunting for ships don’t waste your time thinking that maybe you’ll be just fine).


When running into a “weird” event that you have no way to know how it will end just avoid it. Refuse “strange” offers, stay away from asteroid fields and that kind of stuff.  Why? The game love to screw with you. It will steal your crew, damage your hull just for fun, steal your scrap “just because”. Afraid of missing “nice opportunity”? Nah don’t worry about that. Unless you’re still in the 1st or 2nd sector and you don’t mind to restart avoid these events at all cost.

If you don’t mind spoilers just google a bit of text from it and see what might happen. It’s often not worth the risk specially when you’re getting closer to your goal.

Events that lead you to a fight (ship vs ship) are okay of course. Just don’t risk your scrap or crew “just in case something nice might happen”.

Visit as many beacons as possible

For scrap yes and to find the damn stores. When you exit a sector the rebels should be just behind you. If not then you wasted the sector you’re about to leave.

Try to notice the possible paths between beacons. Avoid “lonely” beacons that will lead you to a dead-end.

Nebulas are nice

Yeah they can also be annoying but with the rebels slowed you can visit a lot of beacons and gain a lot of scrap (and possibly crew). Always try to follow a path that will get you through as many nebulas as possible.

Mantis are bad

Unless your crew can handle a fight avoid anything Mantis. They always get in your ship and then bad things happen.


Your first guy should go in the engine room. It will help you to evade shots later and allow you to get out of a fight you can’t win more quickly. Always put someone in the engine room.

The 2nd critical room is the weapon room. You want to recharge your weapons as fast as possible. The third one is the shield room. It’s quite possible your ship don’t rely that much on shields so always keep that one for last.

Fight in the med bay

Even if it means that you have to sacrifice some system to get the fight where you want it. Here if you are really great at micro-managing then feel free to ignore this advice but I often find myself with a bit too much on my plate then make a deadly mistake because I didn’t pulled my guy in time from a fight or I forgot to fire a weapon because I was too concerned about my crew fighting intruders. So because of that it might just be simpler to try to bring the fight to the med bay,


I used to upgrade them and now I don’t anymore. It’s just scrap I badly need for weapons or other upgrades and I can manage intruders quite well now. If you get hurt so bad that you think “oh I should have upgraded my doors” then you probably meant “I did something wrong and should have restarted”.

New ship != more powerful ship

The first ship you can play is just fine. If you have difficulties adapting to a new ship and your goal is to unlock all ships then stick with the first one you played. You’ll find out that it’s doing way better than the first few times you played it.

Use spoilers

If your goal is to unlock all ships and you don’t use spoilers it might just take you forever to unlock them all. If you can play 8 hours a day then I guess it’s not a problem but if your schedule looks a bit like mine then you won’t have the patience to get everything right to unlock the next ship unless you exactly know what to do.

It takes away some of the fun for some sure. It’s up to you to figure if spoilers are good or bad for you.

Restart, restart, restart

Again if you have a clear goal in mind don’t hesitate to restart in sector 1 or 2. It’s often critical to get the best scenario out of these 2 sectors so everything goes smoothly from there.

A good example is the following achievement to unlock the stealth cruiser type B: “Destroy a ship at full health during a single cloak in the Stealth Cruiser”

Do this in the first sector otherwise restart. It’s just too maddening. With the right encounter at the right time this can be done in the first sector. If you want to know how just google for it.