Just in case you don’t know what is Bret Airborne and/or wish to pre-order and play the latest build: http://www.machine22.com/bretairborne/

The first alpha update to Bret Airborne so to update your copy just launch the game and click the “Download Update” button to get version alpha 0.0.2.

Update notes

  • Fixed a lot of bugs … a lot. The most important one is probably the one crashing the game after a few duels.
  • Added a preloader
  • New powers!
    • Repair: Repair your armor …
    • Tornado: Push the middle delimiter to be able to play more blocks
    • Transmutation: Transform into cannon balls some or all philosopher’s stones on your side
    • Hebenon: Combinations of your opponent produce half their effects for some turns
    • Explosive delivery: Creates on your side a cannon ball that will deal double damage when combined
    • Close quarters: Spend your maneuver and piratery points to deal damage
  • New notion: Augmentations. These have permanent effects on your aircraft.
    • Basic armor: +10 armor
    • Basic cannon: +1 damage
    • +1 philosopher’s stone: well… +1 philosopher’s stone from philosopher’s stone combinations
    • +1 repair: same as above but for repair
    • Aether gas 5: Begin combat with 5 units of aether gas
    • Armor plate: 5% chance of receiving only half damage from cannon balls
    • 4+ bonus: +1 effect from combinations of 4 or more
    • Automated repairs: Repair by 1 point your armor on your turn
    • Eldorado: +1 coin from each coins combination
    • Delicate bomb: 20% chance on each attack of transforming into an urn a cannon ball on your opponent’s side
  • New aircraft appearances.
    • Note that these top/bottom combinations are temporary. I just needed to get the assets in the game.
  • Customize your augmentations and powers before a duel.
    • This might not be in that form in the final build but right now I’ll need to start balancing powers and augmentations so this will be useful.
  • Combinations of 5 blocks in a L shape will now create a proper “5-in-a-row” combination.
New aircraft customization in Match 3 RPG Bret Airborne

New aircraft customization in Match 3 RPG Bret Airborne

Known bugs

  • In the customization screen the ropes of the aircrafts appear on top of the tooltip.

Where is this going from here?

So far only duels are available but there’s still the whole single-player campaign to build. I won’t do so until I have sufficient augmentations and powers however so expect a lot more augmentations and powers. If you have some suggestions don’t hesitate to send them to me!

Right now it might seem that the current customization process allow to create overpowered aircrafts compared to your opponent and you’re right but don’t pay too much attention to that. As I said in the update notes it’s just to be able to test everything properly. There’s still a lot of balancing to do and adding a price to augmentations and powers is part of this process.

In the single-player campaign augmentations and powers will be bought by the player so if some power appear quite powerful you can also expect it to cost a lot. For duels I might create fixed aircraft setups already balanced and/or show the value of the current aircraft so you can see if you’re going for an easy or a fair fight.


Again I’m inviting you to pre-order the game here: http://www.machine22.com/bretairborne/

It will give you access to all upcoming updates (for free of course) like this one. You can also check the demo that you’ll find on the same page but note that the demo doesn’t include anything from the last update. When I get further in the development process I’ll update the demo to include new features.