And it’s official my current project is a space turn-based strategy game called The Stars Remember!

There are so many 4x space games currently but wait! This is not a 4x. It is a survival game. The Human Race is about to be exterminated and there’s no time to mine resources, research new tech or build new ships. Alien invaders are at your doorstep and there’s only one thing to do: fight.

Whatever you lose in battles is lost forever. The damage inflicted on your forces are hindrances you’ll have to deal with. Sure maybe you can find a transport with some badly needed parts to make some repairs but don’t expect to get back a brand new ship with that. There are however ships in need of assistance around so if you can manage the risk of a rescue maybe you can gain interesting allies.

There’s still a lot of work to do before sharing more details or showing a gameplay video but development is going well. The game is currently planned for PC though I might expand the release to Mac also. Sorry to Linux users but Adobe stopped supporting AIR back at version 2.6 and I can’t do much about that.

I finally decided to set up a proper newsletter, something I should have done long before. This newsletter won’t be to spam you every week about the progress on the game but to announce only important stuff like releases, major updates, promotions etc. I’ll make sure to use this newsletter when it’s absolutely worth it but note that any major news will first be sent to the newsletter before appearing anywhere else. This is my way of thanking you for trusting me with your emails. If you prefer you can also follow me on Twitter or follow this blog. The info will eventually be posted there and my updates should be more frequent than the newsletter I reserve for meaningful stuff.

So even if there’s only a teaser website for now it’s now official that this is the next game I’m releasing. I’m not doing a big official press announcement right now (though it should follow not that far away) as I want to do so when I can show the game in action but don’t hesitate to share the news yourself!

Spread the news and wish me luck!