The official website has been updated with a fresh video of beta gameplay and new screenshots! Check it out right here:

Pure strategy

I also updated the description to give a better idea of what the game is really about. I describe the game being a turn-based pure strategy game but the word pure here is used to describe that no element of luck is involved in the outcome. The best way to see what I’m trying to illustrate here is to think about chess.

If you play a scenario once and then play it again and decide to make the exact same moves then the outcome will be exactly the same as the first time. It allows players to refine their strategy while knowing that everything happening on the screen is only related to their decision. Hardcore strategy fans will find it interesting to see exactly which moves or decisions lead to their success or failure.

Updated destruction, damage particles and shadows

On destruction you'll see parts of spaceships flying around

On destruction you’ll see parts of spaceships flying around

When destroying a spaceship you’ll now see its parts flying around. The nice thing for modders is that they’ll be free to divide their new ships in as many pieces as they want. The details of destruction are nearly unlimited.

Damage particles for hit on the armor now leaves a visible trace of smoke and retain their initial direction from the hit. For a turn-based game adding this kind of little details really helps to liven up what’s happening on the screen.

A damaged ship leaving a trace of smoke while moving.

A damaged ship leaving a trace of smoke while moving.

A bit difficult to notice on screenshots (you can check the gameplay video) is the new lighting system. It’s subtle but when ships are changing direction you’ll notice a shadow on them. I’m still in the process of tweaking this effect but it’s starting to look quite interesting and more in line from what you’d expect from a game these days.

Preparing for press preview and the replay feature

All the big pieces are now there and I’m working on polishing a first version I’ll slowly start sending to various blogs and websites. This preview version will include 2 scenarios: the tutorial and a small-scale attack on a planet. My goal is to illustrate as much of the game in these 2 scenarios to give a good idea of what to expect once the game is completed.

Beside working on many new scenarios I’ll also start to work on secondary features like being able to record and watch a game so players are able to share their strategy and others can load them up in the game and watch it directly from there instead of relying on YouTube videos. This won’t be a static replay so players will be able to interrupt the process at any point and then start playing from there. This should also make it more interesting to tweak strategies so that way you don’t have to say manually replay the first 20-30 moves you think are good to get to the point where you want to change your strategy.

Human Extinction Simulator is starting to look quite good and it’s exciting to work on that project. It’s nice to see that after a few years working on various games that the experience gained is finally showing itself through what I think is my most polished project so far.

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