My computer is far from being a gaming rig and when I tried to record proper HD gameplay for the trailer I was seriously reminded. I tried various combinations but the results were terrible. When I didn’t have the recording settings wrong the recording program would slow the game and result in awful FPS.

I gave many chances to CamStudio but it just wasn’t working right for my machine. I tried various options and when I tried Dxtory I finally found something that was giving proper results. It isn’t free but cheap enough and I was tired of searching for the right answer.

Of course the software itself didn’t solved all my problems, I still had to find the right codec to use and the answer was PICVideo M-JPEG 3 VfW. Just so you know recording about 5 minutes of gameplay with this codec in 1280×720 results in a file of about 7 GB … It’s ridiculous but it was the only way I could record videos without having the machine slows down too much. Sure I tried Xvid MPEG-4 but the FPS was then terrible.

With a few tweaks to the settings I finally got what I needed. Here are the settings I’m using:


I wasn’t recording the full screen as I have a 4:3 monitor so I had to add a “cheat” for the game to only use 720 pixels of height instead of my usual 1024. Recording only a portion of the screen probably also helped for performance, I’m not sure.

Other than that make sure you turn off everything else running on your computer. Close all browsers, anti-virus and other gimmicks. Everything to help to get the juice where it’s needed.

Recording was only half of the problem as I then needed something to assemble the trailer. Lucky me pretty much all softwares used to do this crash on my computer. One stood the test and it’s AVS Video Editor. It’s not amazing, I’m not a fan of subscribing to software instead of buying them but what can I say … I just worked and all the others didn’t or were just too expensive.

So if you’re stuck in the same situation as me then hopefully this solution will do the trick. Surely there are others ways but at least that’s a starting point.