With the Steam Holiday Sale currently running I expected to finally put my hands on a few games I’ve been watching for some time. I very rarely buy games mostly because at the moment all funds are going to my own projects and basic needs (like you know, eating …). In fact this year the only game I bought was Democracy 3 and it’s only because I finally decided to give up on Civilization 5 after playing for 917 hours …

Unfortunately it turns out that many games in my wishlist are still in Early Access. I have nothing against the concept of Early Access, I’m just not interested to test your game when I’m busy enough testing my own.

What’s sad is that I’m starting to doubt that some games might never get out of Early Access. I’m starting to wonder if some devs are not simply using this label to keep working on their games until they’re bored with it instead of following a defined plan.

What I also don’t understand is how the devs with games in Early Access are discounting them like they were completed. I can’t speak for everyone but my reaction when a game finally comes out of Early Access is a big flat “meh”­. The game already went through the same discount pattern all games follow so when it comes out at full-price there’s really no story there.


Prison Architect

I can’t wait to play this game but there’s no way I’m trying it right now. If anything maybe I’ll pick it up because it’s on sale right now but I don’t want to spoil my enjoyment of this game with bugs and features that are not completed yet.

It seems like a wonderful game and one I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy greatly but it’s been on Early Access for such a long time now (2013!!!) that I wonder if it we’ll ever see the end of it.


Plague Inc

I’m not quite sure why this games has been in Early Access for so long. From what I can see it was a mobile game released in 2012 that they are now porting with new features … The problem? Well there’s no hint anywhere about when the game will be considered completed. It could be tomorrow or in 6 months, all I know is that I’m not really interested to “support” the constant addition of features for a game released 2 years ago on another platform.

Again I’m sure I’ll have plenty of fun with this game … once I finally get some kind of guarantee that included features are stable and actually fun instead of just some new addition suggested by the community.


Galactic Civilization III

Why wait for this game when Civilization: Beyond Earth is already out? Well, after playing nearly 1,000 hours of Civilization 5 I’m not too interested to play something else that looks the same in many ways. Galactic Civilization III just seems like it’s different enough to renew my interest in a 4x game.

Of course this game requires Windows 7 and I’m still stuck with Windows XP so I don’t mind much waiting for this game to come out of Early Access.


Invisible Inc.

Turn-based stealth game? If I don’t end up playing hundred of hours this game then something will be very wrong. The art of this game is very nice and of course the main mechanic is not too far away from my current mindset so my interest in this game is partly for “research purpose”.

But again here I can’t play this with my old Windows XP so I don’t mind waiting. It’s curious though that people would want to play this in an Early Access state as it seems that for this game it could really spoil the experience. Sure it’s procedural but I feel that the concept might end up being repetitive so why would you want to get bored with the game while it’s still not complete.



I have absolutely no interest in survival games … beside Salt. There’s something about taking your ship from island to island that just puts it in another category for me. From what I read so far it seems to have actual cool things to discover so I’m doing my best to avoid any spoilers.

But an exploration game in beta? Nope. I don’t want to discover something only to find out that it’s bugged in some way. Discovering it again once the game is finally out just wouldn’t be the same. So even if it runs on Windows XP this one will have to wait to.