With a new computer I can finally play all the cool games everyone is talking about so of course my first pick was Dragon Age: Inquisition. I’m a big fan of these games … or maybe I should say I was …

I enjoy the characters, the story, the choices you can make that change this story but I don’t care much for battles. Yeah I know, it’s a RPG so it’s to be expected but if you read my post about the difficulty setting I made it pretty clear there that battles are not really meant to prevent you to progress so their presences to me is mostly slowing me down when trying to enjoy what I like about these games.

The “cool” thing to say about Dragon Age 2 was that it was “small” and linear (and also that it was using the same assets over and over but that’s another topic). They sure fixed that with Dragon Age: Inquisition but then I find myself missing how smooth my experience was with DA2.

I’m past the first “chapter” (or whatever you want to call it) and unlocked a new area and my first thought was “oh dear, not THAT again. And by “that” I mean another huge area I need to painfully walk through (yes there are mounts but they are not helping much I found) and keep getting into meaningless fights only to get to the good stuff. Of course if I try to take a shortcut to get where I need to go then the environment is fighting me so it’s pretty clear the game wants to force me to go through a ton of small things I couldn’t care less about.

An important thing to know is that when I play it’s mostly for 2 hours top during a sitting. ┬áMore than once I found myself not really enjoying what I did during these 2 hours as I left the story at the exact same place it was when I sat down. Just now I finally reached the point where I can pick a specialization for my character (I chose rift mage) and thought “cool, just kill a few enemies, get my first power in that branch and call it a night”. Wrong! To finally unlock the specialization you have to do a gathering quest for which I had no idea where to go. I could have waited and just unlock this by accident at some point but then the way I play it’s quite possible it would never have happen so I went to read spoilers …

And that’s when I start losing the fun have. When I read the spoilers for this quest I realized that I could have completed the game without ever unlocking the damn specialization (beside loot I could have get by accident there is a specific book required that I could have easily missed).

In the past few days I found myself wondering “do I play Dragon Age or just have fun working on my prototype” and the answer was to work on my prototype each time. I just look at the Dragon Age icon on my desktop and sigh. It just doesn’t feel fun to wonder “what could happen next?!” as chances are that nothing really exciting might happen until a few more days.

I’m sure most people think Dragon Age: Inquisition is far superior than Dragon Age 2 (and I can see why they would say that) but to me it’s just a tedious experience. I think I had an easier time getting things move forward in a huge sandbox world like GTA IV than this new Dragon Age game.

I saw the next Mass Effect game has been announced and of course they had to bring back the damn Mako vehicle. This Mako thing and supposed “exploration” while playing Mass Effect 1 created the exact same feeling I’m currently having with Dragon Age: Inquisition. I had much more fun with ME2 & 3 which created a nice story and experience without feeling the need to let your roam around for hours for no real purpose.

Will I finish Dragon Age: Inquisition? I’m not even sure at this point. I guess the game does what it is doing just fine but I just can’t get into this the way I used to in more focused titles like DA2, ME2 & 3.

Maybe I should just stick with TellTale Games title from now on. Can’t get more linear than this and I enjoy them quite a lot …