You are dead.

Stabbed in a dark alley? Poisoned while you were eating in a tavern? Left bleeding in the street after getting robbed for a few copper coins? You don’t remember …

You’re lying in the shadows wondering what could have gone wrong, surrounded by the failure of your life.

You hear the breathing of a man kneeing over you.

This existence was hopeless. So much time wasted for nothing. I offer you a second chance. A way to prove your soul is worth saving.

Are you dead? You don’t remember.

Follow my lead and your name won’t be forgotten. This is your only chance to matter in this world.

The pain of needles penetrating your skin suddenly feels like savior. Your arms are moving again but you know you don’t have the strength to be behind such feat. The strings are pulled and you rise again.


Ereptoria, city of thieves, city of mysteries. This is how this city-island is now known. Standing alone in the middle of the ocean only its name survived history.

It was once a dream. The destination for every dreamers to become … to be remembered. But not all dreams are meant to end well.

Freedom soon became shackles and hopes became despair. The creator became the captive and the shadows took control of the city.

No one leaves, no one dares to enter. Ereptoria survives by its own means, by its own troubled destiny. In the shadows a man is sometime seen, is sometime seen crying over its creation he must now serves.

Ereptoria, city of deception, city of the last chance. No one leaves, they all stay to die a second time …