Or let’s pretend you do :P

For some time I’ve been thinking about what kind of jobs I would want to go for in the game industry. While my main motivation still remains to be my own boss one day (no need to be huge, just to pay the house and eat you know) I’m now paying more attention to game development jobs (or closely related to game development) I see popping from time to time.

Having a long-term objective doesn’t mean I must remain blind to the opportunities around me and there’s rarely such thing as a straight path anyway. I also don’t think I’ll be able to work strictly on things like corporate websites and links between custom software and accounting systems for much long so I’m looking, listening.

So what kind of job would I be looking for? Well something that mix games and web is where my interest lies and where I’d be the most efficient as well. In fact that job opening at Metaplace would probably what you could called … eh? Dream job?! I mean I would get to work with the guy that was a major inspiration for Golemizer so eh! But I’m 3,000 miles away and I won’t move to another country so yeah that kinda limit the options a bit.

Anyway let’s just check the job requirements:

If you love Facebook games

I must be honest here. While I always keep an eye open and try those games and I don’t play any of them on a regular basis. That must have something to do with my lack of … How do you call that? Free time I think. Why would it be? Hmm …

and would love to make your own

Oh right! I’m working on my own MMO! :P I’m still working on that machine to clone myself (no success so far though). I must admit that 2 jobs at once leave very little for anything else than some random Flash games from time to time. I do an exception every 3-4 months like I did last time to play Mass Effect 2. Helps to remains sane a bit.

You’re a programmer, probably with a programming degree, and maybe even with game development experience.

Yep, yep and yep.

You’ve wanted to work on social games, or maybe even tried building a few on your own.

See above. Already doing it though actually being paid for doing it would kinda be nice you know.

You learn quickly

That’s what I do, learn. I’ll look like I’m not selling myself very well here but knowing yourself is THE most important thing when you’re looking for a job and lying to myself wouldn’t achieve anything. I’m not a guru of anything and I’m not a game theoretician genius with incredible thoughts on the subject. I don’t have thousands of game concepts hidden in my drawers, only a few. I’m probably not someone that will revolutionize games (though luck can happen) but I’m passionate, I like to create, I’m a quick learner and a hard worker. I know it doesn’t always cut it for everything and not everything can be learned but so far I have never accepted that such thing would stop me.

Some people are more gifted and others are just stubborn. I’m in the stubborn category but in a good way. Persistent but not ignorant of my limits.

including new languages (like Lua)

The first version of the AI scripting system in Golemizer was using Lua specifically because I wanted to keep a door open for some kind of integration with Metaplace at some point. Anyway I was in need of a scripting language and was following Metaplace development so Lua was my first choice. I figured what I would learn could be used somehow later with Metaplace.

I was using a LuaInterface to use in .NET but I was stuck with a really bad memory leak linked to that library so had to change the language for the AI scripting system 1 month before release to use dynamically compiled VB.NET code instead. It ended being easier to working with this new method but that gave me the opportunity to take a look at Lua.

and new processes (like metric driven development)

No idea what it is but like I said learning is what I do, my job.

So the game designer/programmer at Metaplace would be the kind of job I’d love to apply for. One thing for sure I wouldn’t want to be stuck only in a programmer’s chair. I don’t see coding as an end but as a tool so if you want to be sure to bore me just give me hours of coding to do without anything to say on the design. That doesn’t mean I’m looking to get all the design job as while I do work on my own MMO I still do have a lot to learn from people with more experience but coding just for the sake of it is just not for me.

Of course unless I either achieve to be my own boss or find a job where I can completely work from home there might not be a lot of opportunity around Montreal for that. Well sure there is Ubisoft, EA and a few mobile game studios but for jobs related to web MMOs, social games I haven’t heard anything yet around here. Not sure Montreal is a player for that type of games … yet.

So the race is still on. What will I achieve first?! Be my own boss or get hired by a game development studio? Place your bets (and make sure to send me all the money)! :)