Why 10 minutes? Because I’ve been told over and over that since I might not catch attention of players in the first few minutes (or seconds sometime) that it can explain why I’m not making a shit load of money out of Golemizer ;)

So I just spent 10 minutes in Puzzle Pirates (did check the game before but it was a long time ago) and I’m lost. I’ve been able to do the first game (bigle) and then went to my house to drop the furniture I was given. Thank god I actually took the time to read a couple of words in the tutorial otherwise I wouldn’t have known I had that.

I find the interface to be a bit “secretive”. Remember that’s after playing for 10 minutes. I’m just trying to apply the same “no chance” factor I’ve been told about Golemizer. I then wanted to see where I could buy some stuff with real money. I did find somehow the page to buy Doubloons but at first it was telling to login even if I was already in-game through Facebook. Glitch? Me? I don’t know.

With that said I still have no ideas what I can buy with Doubloons. I know I can buy Doubloons but I don’t know where to click in the interface to buy special stuff with this. That might be actually very clever. Get people hooked and then out of nowhere show them a screen involving Doubloons. Maybe I don’t know I only spent 10 minutes playing.

Then I wanted to get back to playing mini-games. I think I checked the checkbox about not showing advices or something so I had a hard time to find back the ship to play games. I finally found back the dock but when clicking toward the ships I couldn’t see the “missions” tab I was looking for. I know there is something like that as I did the first mini-game that way. I finally clicked on something called “notice board” and found the “missions” tab I was looking for. Great!

I selected “Learn to sail” and was told to go to the “sailing duty station”. Now where is that? It’s only when I exited to come back again that I saw the bubble showing me the “sailing duty station”. It wasn’t there the first time. Glitch? Me?

Then the 10 minutes were out. Not an experience that great I must say. People keep telling me that Golemizer is hard to understand yet I think it’s easier to understand than Puzzle Pirates in the first few minutes. I mean there is about the same amount of text to read and Golemizer have now big flashing arrows showing you where to click for the first 5-6 minutes of the game.

I didn’t read the help in Puzzle Pirates because people don’t read it in Golemizer either. Players have to be able to figure it out with the less amount of effort possible. I gave up a long time ago anyway to write an extensive help file. The help button links to the wiki which is updated by players (and they’re doing a way better job than me about that).

With that said Puzzle Pirates still have an edge: mini-games. Maybe I’m lost and I’m not quite sure what is the goal of the game but I know I can play at least 2 mini-games I’ve found in the first 10 minutes. So I can probably spend more time on those and that will eventually lead me to discover other things. There’s no such thing in Golemizer. Past the tutorial there’s nothing you can do mindlessly until you feel like giving a damn about it.

Some more comments: interface feels laggy. I often receive that comment about Golemizer but I must say it feels way worse in Puzzle Pirates. I click somewhere and the character might get to the end of the screen and only 2-3 seconds laters the screen will move to show me what’s after. Graphics though are prettier. That might give a bit more time to the game to help players get in it.

So basically in 10 minutes I didn’t achieve much but there is 1-2 things that might keep there like the mini-games and my house I already have (having a house leads me to think I can get nicer stuff to put in it so that might be enough for me to spend another 10 minutes figuring how). My experience wasn’t as “perfect” as I thought it would be compared to Golemizer. Well based on the comments I often hear about Golemizer. I ended up saying similar things about Puzzle Pirates.

I’m not writing about it just to complain but more because I was expecting to get in so smoothly and I didn’t. The theme of pirates being more familiar (thanks Jerry Bruckheimer) maybe it’s just enough to make the difference with Golemizer. It could also be the marketing power or the graphics or the mini-games but it’s surely not the new player experience IMHO.