Suddenly Golemizer doesn’t look so much special (technology speaking).

From the demo here it looks like the engine behind Golemizer is about doing the same thing but Aves is much more smoother. Communication with the server seems to be handled much more better also. Well everything looks better because these guys probably known what they were doing right from the start while I had to learn everything while doing it.

Well I’m still proud of my work but you know, it’s less special now. Going through the work of building the engine myself was a very fulfilling experience and nobody can take that away from me. It’s just … Oh right I admit I’m just jealous :P

On the other hand was my goal to publish a game engine? No. I wanted the experience to work on a game from bottom to top and now I have that. Did I wanted to be known as that guy who built an MMO with Javascript? Well a bit as unless mistaken while it was done before (and also apparently an iPhone HTML version of a Flash one) I think Golemizer pushed the boundaries a bit.

But if I was really in it for fame and glory than I’d be one sad puppy. I’m just jealous and enthusiast at the same time to see something that nice :)

Anyway that’s one nice piece of work there. Seems my choice of tech was a good one as Javascript games might have a bright future!

I might want to update my resume a bit just in case … :)