It’s only been 3 days since Dungeon of Loot has been released but I’m already at that point where I ask myself what next should I do on my way as a full-time indie game dev. For the first time after 5 games (2 tests and the 3 you know about) I don’t have an answer to that as frankly I don’t know what’s in me that could get me closer to my goal at the moment.

Sure I have plenty of ideas … Well no I just have 3 actually. None could be done really as fast as Dungeon of Loot and right now I really don’t feel getting into yet another of my idea for that long when pretty much all I gained is experience. It’s a lot I know but experience is not a tangible result. You know when you don’t get tangible results it can kinda get boring and the machine (body) isn’t following anymore to get back in that mood. Hopefully though I’m now working on a secret project that is not my idea and it feels refreshing. It kinda takes some pressure off the shoulders as first I’m not alone and I don’t live in that doubt that maybe my ideas just suck. I won’t tell more for now though :P

But even with that “secret project” I still have that “now what?” feeling. The cure to that is to usually take the mind elsewhere so I just bought Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. That should do the trick for some days until I receive news from Kongregate and Heyzap about the distribution of Dungeon of Loot.

Of course that “now what?” feeling comes a lot from that silence that seems to follow the release of my games. I’m not even talking about the blogs that don’t post about my games but just small things like the lack of total interest from those friends on Facebook. I should post a video of my dog sleeping on its back as I think I’d have more success of people talking about it than me creating stuff with passion. The people that are supporting me the most are people I never even met or that I don’t see anymore. That’s weird.

The worst part about silence is that you start to think … too much. Should have done that. Shouldn’t have done this. That was time wasted. All of those things that are not all making sense but that you can’t help to think about. Silence needs to be filled and the brain is way too often a machine out of control.

Of course it’s just been 3 days … Silly eh? But really … now what?

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimmmmmiiiiiing!