Well it’s done! Blimp Wars is now officially released!

For those that don’t know what I’m talking about it goes like this:

Blimp Wars is a casual multiplayer game where players are fighting in the sky at the controls of steampunk blimps.

This new game is built on the same homemade framework as Golemizer. The client is built with Javascript and the server is running on .NET code. Those who followed the development of Golemizer know that I did quite some work to get this framework stable and after more than 2 years of working on it I know I have something solid.

Releasing a new game is exciting and frightening at the same time I must say. I’m proud of the work done but at the same there’s always this little doubt keeping you on the edge to make sure you remain both feet on the ground.

My biggest concern is to get enough players to actually bring the game to life. It’s a multiplayer game so the trick is to have enough players so people can actually play. I learned a lot while working on Golemizer on what to do to get the word out about a game but I must say this is not easy, specially when you’re quite unknown like me.

I built the website early, created a newsletter with now over 200 persons in it, ran some ads when beta started but it’s still no magical recipe. To help a bit I built a spin-off Flash game that you can play here. It’s still being distributed on other portals so I’m hoping this will help. Sure the game is simple but I think it may achieve its goal.

Advertising is something I’m also doing but there’s no such thing as cheap advertising. Sure I have some ads on Project Wonderful but you don’t get visitors magically. I ran an ad today on armorgames.com and it took only a few hours to spend quite some money, receive ten of thousands of impressions and no clicks at all … People will tell me that I do need to put money in advertisement but advertising on armorgames.com is probably a good way for me to empty my wallet with no to little results.

I’m about to send mails to some indie and casual games websites which is where I’m hoping the best results will come from. It worked to some level with Golemizer but then again I must admit I was maybe too inexperienced and made some mistakes along the way so the coverage wasn’t that great. Let’s hope I actually learned a thing or two since then.

Among the things I improved over Golemizer is the graphics. While Golemizer is using free graphic libraries (completed with some freelance work) Blimp Wars only has original art. Let’s say it helps to build credibility a bit.

Blimp Wars is also a game much simpler. Golemizer was a huge challenge as a first game. I learned a lot but it was also exhausting. With the framework already built, Blimp Wars was a much smoother ride that I enjoyed a lot.

So I hope you will enjoy Blimp Wars as players as much as I enjoyed building it. If you want to wish me something just wish me that there will be enough players in the following days to get this thing going!