The name of the game is Guess the word. At least for now. The point is to be the first (among every players online) to guess a word out of scrambled letters for points. Every 10 seconds a letter is revealed and the word is worth 1 point less. The twist? Well it’s not a big one but might make it interesting it’s that you can choose your category of words. Right now you can choose between english words, french words, Pokémon and Star Wars. I plan to add more later.

This is a small project I began some time ago before starting to work on Dungeon of Loot. The project was almost completed but I wanted to focus on Dungeon of Loot so I put it aside and bringing it back now to work on it from time to time. As usual it’s built on the same framework as Golemizer and it’s all JavaScript.

Beside needing possibly more list of words (Star Trek comes to mind though scraping the Star Trek website might be a bit of a pain) and a logo it is now ready to be tested. I’d appreciate if some of you could take a quick look and leave some feedback in the comments here. You’ll notice that the server is a bit slow as it’s currently on the cheap VPS I use to host Golemizer’s forums.

Here’s the URL:

Thanks for your help!