The new version is available here:

Remember to press W to activate jetpack and refresh the page to start over. The game now seems to work in IE but is terribly slow so I suggest using Firefox or Chrome for now. I’ll take a look at IE’s issues later if I feel like it’s worth it.

Previous version is still available here:

Here are the changes for this version:

  • Faster falling speed
  • Screen larger
  • Replaced jump and double-jump by jetpack heat
  • Added score
  • Add grass ground
  • Added grass for hills
  • Added scrolling background
  • Added jetpack heat bar

I know the hills look bad but that’s still temporary. That was just to get rid of the red blocks.

The biggest change is the jumping mechanic. Since I decided to go with a jetpack in V1 I decided that I should fully use this concept instead of pretending the character was jumping. So when you hold W the jetpack activates itself and you’ll notice the heating bar growing. When the jetpack is too hot it will stop and your character will fall. You don’t have to wait the heat bar to reach 0 to activate the jetpack again but be careful as it’s heating way faster than it is cooling down.

I still haven’t done any math to make sure there’s always a possibility that you can make all jumps so it’s quite possible to get stuck from time to time. That will probably come in next version as I add a nicest way to generate hills.

You now fall faster than you climb up which makes sense but also raise difficulty a bit. This produced a problem that sometimes the character would fall lower than the top of some hills resulting in the character getting stuck in the ground. The falling speed is currently set at 7 pixels per loop so if you’re only 4 pixels above ground it means the character gets at -3 getting stuck in a hill. I had to modify a bit the code in the logic checking if the character is walking on a hill to “cheat” the position of the character a bit. If there’s a collision between the bottom of the character – [falling speed] then I consider the character must land on the top of the hill so directly adjust the position there. So far it seems to work quite well.

The character will now stop going to the right of the screen once it reach 600 pixels (screen is 700 pixels). I’m not yet at the point of caring if I’ll put a winning condition or not but instead for now I added a simple score system that will go up as you make progress in the game. Basically the longer you remain alive the higher the score will go up.

I made changes to the “is the character walking on a hill” logic to return the height of the current hill with potential collision instead of just checking if the character is walking on something. This is also to help preventing that the character gets stuck from time to time.

I added a scrolling background (same I used for the Adventures of Bret Airborne Episode 1) and I plan on adding some more fluff like maybe birds, blimps passing by in the sky. Nothing much complicated there but it helps the whole thing to look like something a bit more interesting.

The core mechanics are almost as I want them so I’ll now start to think about what I could do to make the whole thing more interesting. Things I have in mind for now are maybe powerups for the jetpack (for longer flight time), bonus score stars to catch and possibly more kind of obstacles to dodge like maybe zombies coming out from the ground.

Take a look and let me you what you think. Suggestions are welcome. Remember that