Why do things simply when you can make it much more complicated :P

I talked to my boss today and told him something like “I’m not quitting yet but I’m not staying either”. Strangely or not he understood what I meant.

Even though I don’t quite like my current day job I must say I have a very nice boss who is always ready to listen to me. The fact that I worked there for now 10 years also helps to develop a good relationship. That’s the only job I ever had which is I guess unusual for most people. So he knows quite well what the company can offer me as work and he also knows quite well that now I’m past that.

So basically I told him that sooner or later I will be looking to make a jump into a wild savage land of independent games development. I also told him however that I wasn’t quite ready to do that jump without any parachute. I’m not used of taking big risks so when it involves not quite seeing a real salary allowing me to pay the house and everything else it’s scary. Of course people do this all the time and some fail some succeed but that’s just not the kind of things I’m used to.

So the first move is that I will be taking 2 weeks off with no salary from June 28th to July 9th. That’s nothing big but if you think about what it’s worth it’s about 1 month of mortgage payment on the house. This free time will be spent on that “secret” project I’m working on which isn’t from one of my initiative. This should be enough to complete the game then we’ll see what happens.

This also means that I have now “revealed my cards” if you want. My boss now know I’m looking to quit. It could play tricks on me but I don’t think it will. He appreciated that I warned him as it will prevent from involving me on big projects that could turn badly if I was to quit right in the middle. He also told me that there’s probably something we can work out to satisfy both parties. An example he gave was that I could maybe go from full-time to part-time which could allow a smoother transition for the company and would make sure I don’t go bankrupt. Anyway the bottom line is that I will be meeting him once I get back from those 2 weeks to discuss this whole thing. He’s very supporting and I guess he still remember what he went through when he started his company about 12-13 years ago.

So here it goes. I can’t say what’s exactly coming but I guess it’s the beginning of some kind of story …