My Cyborg EVO was gathering dust for way too long so when I heard about Dogfighter I just couldn’t resist. Ever since I finally stopped played X-wing VS Tie Fighter many years ago I’ve been looking for something to replace it. The space expansion in SWG was kinda nice (the reason I bought the Cyborg EVO) but since I’m long gone from that game now I was waiting for Jumpgate: Evolution.

Jumpgate: Evolution went into some trouble it seems (though comments about it at E3 lead me to think it was for the best) so Dogfighter seems a nice alternative. If you enjoy fast non-sim flying action then Dogfighter do that very well. There’s no integrated support for joystick but I’ve been able to fix that easily with the mapping software provided for mine. It however support the X-Box gamepad so I guess it’s good enough for most people.

The only real thing missing is the support for dedicated server though it seems the devs are working on that. I’ve been able to join a couple of games hosted by players and even if it’s not perfect it was good enough to have some fun. I still have to improve my skills in single player games as it’s been a long time since I’ve been shooting things with this joystick.

Other than that I only have good things to say about the game. So here it is: Good things.

Dogfighter is on sale at $12.74 USD on Steam so go get it!