Nice surprise today … I was adding some new skins for houses in Golemizer as it was a long overdue promise and then I noticed something odd when I logged in the game … “There were 519 players online in the last 24 hours.”


I reached this number twice … When Golemizer was featured on Rock, Paper, Shotgun and when it was released on Kongregate. A quick look a Google Analytics revealed that the number of visitors to the main website were normal (can you believe that I still receive hundreds of visitors per month from this website …). So what’s the deal?

Well it seems Kongregate added a new MMO section on the front page of their website (scroll down). Golemizer isn’t in the top 5 (go give a good rating to the game!!!) but there are so few MMOs there that Golemizer still is on the first page of this new section. That was enough to bring a lot of new players to the game. Now let’s just hope that some of them will stay. The best thing is that Golemizer should now be much easier to find on Kongregate.

Oh and Dungeon of Loot is also featured in this new MMO section. Now the funny thing is that the only other developer who have 2 games featured in this section is Bigpoint which is … hmm, a big company full of cash … I assume … Ok my games are not as popular but Golemizer has a higher ranking than both games from Bigpoint …

So the question is … can I have a badge for that or do I have to release a third title? :P