That’s not my dog. I’m talking about Mass Effect here :P (my dog’s name is Ti-Gus, which means something like “small guy” in english, it’s actually the name of french-canadian humoristic character that I have never seen of my life, it just sounds cute and funny)

He was annoying, I barely used him and I’m going for a Renegade path anyway. I didn’t even killed him, Ashley did. If you’re wondering yes I choose Ashley for the romance. It was too damn easy with Liara … Funny as I didn’t even felt I was wooing Ashley already. Bah …

I’ve been so long without playing almost any games that I almost forgot how much I like RPGs. I don’t think I’m a “gamer” as most would say what a gamer is. I like roleplay. I had a lot of fun with D&D, when I was roleplaying with other people in SWG (funny but the storyline was often decided by forum posts) and with computer’s RPGs even if you could argue there’s not much roleplay when you’re following a defined path with NPCs … I guess I like watching movies with some interactions.

I gave up early in Mass Effect and switched everything to easy. I don’t like wasting my time and I know that eventually I would overcome the challenges offered to me. Since the ending is already decided for me that’s why I switched to easy mode. I don’t get any satisfaction of killing NPCs I’m supposed to kill anyway to get to the next chapter.

In fact that’s a non-issue as I never heard “I never finished Mass Effect because I wasn’t able to pass X fight”. So computers’ RPGs are like movies. You just have to click here and there to watch them. I’m happy with that. I guess I’ll be happy with SWTOR as well since a big part of the game seems to head this way.

I’m wondering if I’ll ever play another MMO though. I like the RPG part but to be honest not so much the MMO part unless I feel I can have an impact on the world. That’s how I designed Golemizer (I mean come on, players can create their own dungeons and quests!!!). I wanted players to matter. When I log into WoW (haven’t done so in 2 years if not more) I feel like it’s … just stupid. What am I doing there? I’ll admit I never got into a guild or a roleplayer group. In SWG it was so hard to figure what to do that roleplaying was easy and people were easily drawn into it (even people that were laughing at RPers couldn’t helped themselves … funny eh!). In fact the game became lame when players figured out what to do (grind professions to unlock the jedi slot). I almost enjoyed Planetside because of the “conquer” side of it but left soon because of a reason I can’t remember right now.

I think I read that somewhere that MMORPGs should drop the RPG part because it’s so ridiculous. That’s just a lame reason to waste some time because in the end you well know that none of your actions matter. Even in SWTOR it won’t probably matter. I’ll still probably enjoy the (60, 80?) hours set toward developing a character. That will probably take me twice the time because I actually enjoy that.

So all of this to say that I think I already lied on my blog. Yes I think I won’t wait until the price of Mass Effect 2 drops to buy it. In fact the cursor of my mouse is right over the pre-purchase button. Yep it’s quite possible that I will pay the full price just because I might not be able to wait when I complete Mass Effect 1. I know, I will still be able to buy Mass Effect 2 once I finish Mass Effect 1 but … Go figure, I can’t provide any good reason why I can’t wait. I guess I’m a fanboy now. I’m doomed.

Yes Wrex is dead and I can’t wait to see if my renegade choices have any impact on my Mass Effect 2 game. I like clicking for no reason while watching a movie.