Well yes I bought Starcraft 2. Yes I was partly right about what I was fearing and yes I have only myself to blame for those $60 I spent … Bah …

I don’t care about multiplayer so that leaves me the campaign and matches against the PC. I knew that and the campaign was my only interest. After going through quite some missions all I can say about Starcraft 2 is that they could have released the campaign game some months after Brood War.

Oh yeah the graphics are nice and the cutscenes are looking way much better … but the gameplay is exactly the same. Well at least it’s not much different from what I remember from Starcraft 1. What? Tech tree? Bah it doesn’t really feel like it’s making that much of a difference. It adds some flavor but it’s still not a meal I would order twice.

New units? That’s laughable at best. There are so many of them and most missions are time based so you don’t have enough time to make some fancy plan. So far it seems that every new mission I play is just an introduction to a new unit. Build a lot of this new unit, build bunkers, marines, medics and you’re done.

The saddest part is that the engine behind Starcraft 2 seems really interesting. Why did they not include some of the possibilities in the campaign?!?! If you’re looking for examples take a look here and here. Now that would have been a “new” game. Those boring missions where you control 1 unit and some cannon fodder? Why not make it 3rd person?! It would have felt a bit like they did something a bit different … Heck why not a mission built like a shooter where you control the Hyperion?!?! Nope. There’s none of that. I guess we can expect some cool stuff from modders. Maybe that will make Starcraft 2 worth it. And don’t you dare telling me about the shooter in the cantina. I can find better shooters on Kongregate for free …

The story? Well I can do with it. It’s cheesy but I have to find something positive here so I’ll buy that. They included minor RPG points where you have to make a decision but they lack context and in the end you don’t really care about the consequences of your choices. It’s an RTS and not an RPG … So those choices just feel like a cheap cross-over of some kind …

I have to say that I’m really bad at RTS. I play the campaign at normal difficulty and honestly don’t care about a bigger challenge by raising the difficulty level. They might say Starcraft is an RTS but it’s much more a Real Timer Whatever. If you can hit the keys fast and are able to micro-manage many units than fine you can beat the hardest difficulty level. The strategy ends there. I never felt like I was about to fail any mission even though I had to restart a couple of them. I just wasn’t fast enough and that’s it. It didn’t feel challenging it just felt like I had to learn the shortcut keys correctly. No missions gave me some kind of feeling like “I was about to fail but succeeded anyway”. I know it’s a fake feeling but I like that. It means I’m really into the game. Haven’t felt that with Starcraft 2.

Does the game feels short? No. That was one of my main concern at first … In fact it even feels a bit long. I can forget about the game for 3-4 days without much caring about “what will happen next”. What can I say. The missions and gameplay feel terribly boring. I guess I enjoy the cutscenes more than the game itself. I should have waited to check them all on YouTube … Will probably do that for the 2 next expansions if they just repeat the Terran gameplay with Zergs and Protoss.

I guess they did a couple of nice things for multiplayer but like I said I don’t care about that. So that pretty much confirms that it’s yet another game with multiplayer as primary focus. I made a bad choice by buying this game but I was still hoping. Like I said they could have released this with the old engine for half the price and it would have been ok. They spent many years building a new engine to create an old game with it. Nice … Let’s see what modders will do with it.