I keep getting requests from players that would like to become GMs. The problem is that most of them just don’t understand what becoming a GM for Golemizer is about.

Sure you get access to the mute and ban commands but those are just boring tools. I have never given a GM account based only on those commands. Want to know how a player becomes a GM? Well he/she was a GM before even knowing it. Most of them never asked me to become a GM and those that did should have become GM long before asking me.

Golemizer is a game about creating stuff. Stories, houses, quests, events, … All players can create those. A GM just have access to some cool stuff to do a bit more. The current GMs in Golemizer are artists, quests builders, zone builders and not policemen. Yes they will mute and ban people to keep the game clean but that’s not why they are GM in the first place. It’s because they can make the game a better game on the creative level. All of them were dedicated creative players.

Recently I have started to build some more tools I should have built a long time ago. Tools that will allow GMs to add new items, new skills and even new golems (later) to the game. I’m saying that I’m giving more power to Golemizer’s community because all GMs were once regular players that felt in love with the possibilities Golemizer is offering. And ultimately having GMs to do more will benefit the community since I just can’t keep up with everything.

Let’s say a GM wanted to run a special event and needed a special trophy to give players attending it well it meant that I had to add the item myself before they can carry on with their plan. It would be wonderful that I could sit in front of my computer working all the time on Golemizer but that’s just not possible so it meant that GMs were always waiting after me. Many GMs, only one of me (that I’m aware of …).

Yes it’s a risky move. The moment you give a GM account there’s a risk those new powers will not be used the way you wanted to. So far I’ve been lucky though. I don’t give a GM account easily and a player must have shown a lot of dedication to the game before I even consider it. And no the it doesn’t matter if a player have played Golemizer for more than a year. It makes that player a veteran but not a GM. Those are 2 separate things but not everyone see this. Playing a game is not the same as helping building it …

So GMs now have a bit more power and will have more as I complete the tools. There’s of course a limit to the powers I can give them but what I can give should be more than enough to make Golemizer more active than ever.

Why did I not do this before? Well I thought I would be able to run everything myself to some point. Considering the small size of Golemizer, the money it gets in and my available time though I had no choice but to open the game a bit more at the risk of seeing it slowly die because of the lack of progress.

I don’t think this is the kind of power that could be given to many MMOs but Golemizer happens to be the perfect case to run this experiment. Time will tell if I was right about that.