I recently completed my first real single-player Flash game named I am zombie. The game is currently up for bidding on www.flashgamelicense.com (and received an editor’s rating of 8!!!) and surely would make a nice Halloween game for any website out there.

The game is fairly simple but that’s what makes it great. At first you control a single zombie (only using the mouse) and slowly build your army from there. The story mode will tell the secret of the birth of the first zombie and the free mode provides an unlimited challenge that will last as long you are able to keep your dead zombies… hmm, alive.

I’m willing to discuss primary sponsorship, exclusive sponsorship and non-exclusive sponsorship as well. The game can of course be customized to integrate any API or branding.

Here’s a short teaser but sponsors might want to check right away the real deal here: http://www.flashgamelicense.com/view_game.php?game_id=13534