This tuesday is  my wife’s birthday … But it’s also the day Mass Effect 2 is released.

I finished Mass Effect 1 recently as a real bad ass pain in the ass Shephard and I must say I haven’t been excited about a game for … well never.

I already said how I’m a lazy gamer and that I’m mostly looking for good stories and nice cutscenes. But from what I read about Mass Effect 2 I think the difficulty level will go back to “normal”. Seems it’s really a shooter so no more dice rolls to know if you hit the target. Aim and hit … or miss. That’s what I like and that’s what I’m good at. Mix this with a story and I’m hooked and you have a winner.

I already started a new game with a more friendly Shephard (and a woman) just to see how it will impact my Mass Effect 2 experience. It’s hard to describe but Mass Effect kinda had the same effect on me as the movie Avatar. Whatever the elite reviewers can say about Avatar I felt there was something special about it. Maybe it’s just the fact that CGI characters looked real for the first time, maybe, but it felt real. Mass Effect has that same magic to me. It’s a movie I enjoyed for about 30 hours so what can you ask for more.

A new review is available so you should check it as if you’re like me every new pieces given to you is a delight even if you won’t remember seeing these things while playing the game. Right now my biggest concern is to know that I will have to wait probably 2-3 years before playing Mass Effect 3 as I know I have at most 100 hours of play (maybe more if I do it a third time in a whole different way). For the price it’s still better than a movie ticket. Why can’t they push games the way they are able to push new Harry Potter movies almost every years (Harry Potter is good enough to entertain me).

Now my biggest concern is whether I’ll cheat on Ashley or not. Seems a romance is possible with Miranda and with Subject Zero and cheating would really fit my Shephard. However, as strange as it is, cheating on Ashley would feel wrong. I guess it’s because I heard minor spoilers that the romance would carry on in Mass Effect 3 (already planned). I liked the Ashley Williams character and somehow it would be wrong to mess with the story I’ve built so far (yes, that’s what’s great, you feel like you built a story in a game with an almost single end possiblity!). But MY Shephard won’t probably be able to resists the temptation …

So don’t try to reach me on Tuesday because it’s my wife’s birthday … Don’t worry, her surprise party is planned for this weekend so I’m not really acting like that Shephard I created :P

If you haven’t played Mass Effect 1 yet I sincerely don’t know what you’ re waiting for if you enjoy just a bit RPGs. Pay the big price and do yourself a favor, play it now and then buy Mass Effect 2. More to come once I’ve seen the first few minutes of that game.