So my solo project for October’s challenge has been submitted to Flash Game License so it should be available soon for sponsorship.

The game is named Mad Scientist Defense and is a mix of action and a bit of tower defense. At the command of a blimp you must protect the lab of Dr. Altus from monsters while he is busy doing some secret experiment.

The game has 2 modes. First the traditional waves mode where you face waves of monsters with an increase difficulty level on each wave and blimp upgrades and then the robots invasion mode which is a survival mode. This last mode was added as a way to extend the length of the game and provide quick action to those not interested to make choices about the upgrades of their blimp. While the first mode only has 20 waves adding more just felt redundant. The tower defense aspect is much more a way to provide support to the action part so that’s why I kept the number of waves limited. It just wouldn’t be possible to play a complete game with only turrets. You’ll have to work on your skills instead.

Most of the development time was spent on balancing each waves which is not as easy as I thought it would be. I needed to make sure the game would provide a nice learning curve while making sure my skills were not interfering with my perception of the difficulty level. By now I have played this game so many times that I could probably beat it with my eyes closed. The danger however is raising the difficulty level too much that it might just become a frustrating experience to new players. Again the robots invasion mode provides a nice way to give a bit more to players who master the waves mode.

Here’s a trailer that sponsors on FGL will be able to see to get a quick glimpse of the game.

Moving on to the The Fae’s Wyrd

With Mad Scientist Defense completed I can now focus on the team project which you can read about here.

As I said previously my work on this project will be to take care of the stuff around game mechanics like interfaces, dungeon generation and save/load features.

I just got back on this project so I don’t have much to show beside the screenshots of random dungeons I previously posted so here’s just a tiny tiny tiny taste of the work done so far. Yeah there’s not much here but the code do save and load already. More will be posted later and hopefully Brian will be kind enough to expand on the subject ;)