Well I guess I can’t really blame anyone here but I’m still pissed … It was just announced that the current version of Social Gold would be discontinued in May to be replaced by the new Google in-app payments. Of course Golemizer is using Social Gold …

Like I said I won’t blame people at Social Gold for this. This is business. The big eat the small and the big change the small hopefully for the better. I have nothing but good things to say about the people there as they were very helpful and friendly when I added micro-transactions using their system.  This is still just a big pile of shit falling on my head though.

Social Gold never made much money from me so it doesn’t really matter to anyone but me. Currently I’m really not making much money from Golemizer. Much less a profit. It helps to keep the game alive and that’s it. The missing money to pay for the server comes from my pocket as I enjoy having Golemizer online even though it’s an expense. Still the little money made from micro-transactions was helping.

And now this little money will go unless I put once more work on a new micro-transaction integration. It can be done as I did it to have the system work with Kreds from Kongregate but I can only wonder if it’s worth it at all. I already wish there was 48 hours a day for my current project and I’ve been taking many days off from work to make progress and now I’d have to put time in something that is an expense … This sucks.

I have 3 months to make a decision. Do I spend time on working on a beta product (Google in-app payment)? Do I go with something else? Do I force a transition to Kongregate only (as the code is already there and running)? Do I remove micro-transactions and hope I’ll be making enough money with my other games?

I have put my heart and soul in Golemizer for so long in a way that was really not healthy and for so little results that I really don’t have the energy to just open up the code again. It’s amazing to have a big crazy project like that to show to people but it became just that to me. Something amazing I’ve done and can show to people. But it’s still something I have to pay for a bit more each day.

So I guess I’ll sleep on it. Right now I’m just upset and it just killed my energy to keep working on Spacewars for the night. It really sucks that such thing drops while I’m already fully dedicated on another project that is looking quite good so far …

To players reading this I don’t have much answers to provide beside that for now your Altus Coins will work as usual. I might remove the screen to buy new Altus Coins soon though. This has no effect on players accessing Golemizer through Kongregate for now.