I don’t know Gianfranco Berardi. I just discovered his blog today in the most awesome way you can discover something. The guy just recently announced that he was going full-time indie

He decided to live his dream and that’s surely a dream I share. It seems that it’s not the only thing we are sharing (well were) as he describes the situation he’s leaving behind:

I’m cutting myself off from the peace of mind of a regular income from a salaried position, with nice benefits, at a really good company, with great coworkers. I could work in much worse environments. I was able to spend money on food, clothes, utilities, and toys without generally worrying if I had enough money to cover it. The people were great, and the company policies were what you thought of when you thought of best-practices.

That’s quite similar to my current situation. I can’t complain about anything in my life and I don’t have to worry about anything. My job could be perfect but the only problem is that since I tasted what it’s like being an indie game dev this “perfect” job is now something I couldn’t care less about. I know that’s whining about being happy but it seems that as soon as all your needs are filled you can’t help but to want more.

I have upset some people about what I recently said about Golemizer but the truth is “the guy is completely exhausted”. Exhausted of not seeing much progress on released games but also exhausted about having to wake up each morning to a job that have become meaningless, exhausted of having to work many hours at night just to be able to achieve anything about what I really like. I’m not giving up anything but I can’t keep pushing my limits like I’ve been doing it since 2007. The day job is eating me alive.

And now I see the decision Gianfranco took and it really makes me dream. It always was a dream but now means something completely different. The timing couldn’t more perfect as a source of inspiration that I greatly need right now.

Will I ever take the same decision one day? I surely hope so. Will it be soon? I feel like I don’t have the balls for it. I’ve always been careful about anything related to money (my wife is balancing my cheapness) so taking such decision with no real stable plan that looks like will take off is definitely out of character for me.

It would of course provide me with a lot of time to try to do something right. If I’ve been able to release an MMO in 1 year on my own while doing it part-time I can only imagine what I could do by working on a project full-time …

Maybe that’s what I need. It’s surely something that’s been in my mind for some time now but that’s not something you decide lightly. I just know that I will have to make some kind of decision soon if I keep turning in circle because “the guy is not feeling that well currently”.

I could also sit and focus on my current job. I’m quite good at it and I’m well paid. I just feel like I might wake up one day and feel like something’s missing …

Until I get my mind clear go get them Gianfranco!