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Ereptoria devlog – The need for chickens

I’m a visual type of person and one of these days I’ll have to accept that. No matter how hard I try to plan in ways that don’t involve working on graphics before I nail the main mechanic/feel/experience I can’t help it. The good news is that I’m slowly accepting that I’m just like that […]


Revealing the name of my stealth game and doing it on a budget again …

So the name is … Ereptoria Ereptoria was the name of my very first game experiment. I say experiment as I was mostly messing around with the in-house CMS from my day job. It was a typical turn-based browser game in which players were the leaders of thieves’ guilds on an island-city. Ereptoria – City […]


Ereptoria prologue

You are dead. Stabbed in a dark alley? Poisoned while you were eating in a tavern? Left bleeding in the street after getting robbed for a few copper coins? You don’t remember … You’re lying in the shadows wondering what could have gone wrong, surrounded by the failure of your life. You hear the breathing […]